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V/A – Quagmire 3 CD


Label: Finest Hour
Code: Q1003
Released: 2004

Being A Compendium Of Olde-Time Killer Punk Selections From The 1960s
Track Listing:
1 World Of Milan– One Track Mind
2 Lord Charles & The Prophets– Ask Me No Questions (I’ll Tell You No Lies)
3 Twiliters– Shakin’ All Over
4 Patriots– What A Drag It Is
5 Detours– You’re The One I Had
6 Aztecs– What Mood
7 Iguanas– I Can Only Give You Everything
8 Damascans– Go ‘Way Girl
9 Barbarians– You’ve Got To Understand
10 Rojay & Fabor– We’re On The Move Now
11 Me & Dem Guys– Love Me Like I Love You
12 Me & The Guys– I Can’t Take It
13 Rehabilitation Cruise– I Don’t Care What They Say
14 Shags– It Hurts Me Bad
15 Cordials– Misery
16 Ebb Tides– My Baby’s Gone
17 Jason & The Argonauts– I Don’t Need Anything
18 Nation Rocking Shadows– Time
19 Only Onz– When Teardrops Fall
20 Symon Grace & The Tuesday Blues– You Won’t Get Me Workin’
21 Word D– I Saw You Walking
22 Prodigal– Reality
23 Cavaliers– Checkmate
24 Rivals– It Won’t Be Long Now
25 Roemans– Don’t
26 Anglo-Americans– The Music Never Stops
27 Other Side Of Time– This Is The End

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