V/A – Quagmire 4 CD


Label: Finest Hour
Code: Q1004
Released: 2004

Sixties Garage From The Primordial Depths!
Track Listing:
1 Blokes– Slander’s Child
2 Stairways– Don’t You Care
3 Casuals, Incorporated– I Realized
4 Groop Ltd– As Time Goes By
5 Goldtones– I’ll Love Her
6 Four Gathering– You’re Mean To Me
7 Ricochettes– I Don’t Want You
8 Me & The Guys– Why Can’t You Be True
9 Puddin’ Heads– You Don’t Have To Be Lonely
10 Alliance– Somewhere They Can’t Find Me
11 Essents– Someday Baby
12 Dickens– I’ve Got Something On My Mind
13 Illusions– Now That It’s Over
14 Mod VI– Show Me How (Your Lovin’s Gonna Be)
15 Jerry & The Remnants– I’ve Wasted My Time
16 Centurys– Don’t Bother
17 Inner Light (2)– Temptation
18 Remaining Few– Wait A While
19 King Bees– Keep Lovin’
20 Runaways– It Don’t Mean A Thing
21 Steve Carpenter (4)– Am I Lost
22 Contents Are:– I Don’t Know
23 Larry Mack– Last Day Of The Dragon
24 King Bees– That Ain’t Love
25 Cle-Shays– Spend All My Money
26 Wig– Drive It Home (Live)
27 Rogues– Don’t Follow Me

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