V/A – Quagmire 5 CD


Label: Finest Hour
Code: Q1005
Released: 2005

More Suave Punk From The Sizzling ’60s Scene!
Track Listing:
1 4 Speeds*– Why Did You Leave Me
2 Nite Caps*– Tell My Baby
3 Symbols (8)– What You’ve Shown
4 Klansmann– Gospel Zone
5 John Fred And His Playboys*– Outta My Head
6 Girl Getters*– The Girl Getters
7 Chevelles*– Tears
8 Pentagons*– About The Girl I Love
9 New Order*– Why Can’t I
10 Many Others (2)– (Tell Me Why) I’m Alone
11 Outside In*– You Ain’t Gonna Bring Me Down To My Knees
12 Bedlam Four– I Just Want To Make Love To You
13 Cordials*– Tell Me Please
14 Green Beans*– Don’t Give Me No Friction
15 Oceans*– She’s Gone
16 Regents*– Worryin’ Kind
17 Rehabilitation Cruise– Mini Skirts
18 Socialites*– Phooey Phooey On You
19 Sting Rays*– Baby If I Loved You
20 Tangents– Good Times
21 Lewallen Bros*– Don’t Say Why
22 Fabulons*– Since You’ve Been Gone
23 Citations*– The Day That She’ll Go
24 Rave-Ons*– Everybody Tells Me
25 Centuries*– Yeah, It’s Alright
26 Four Rogues*– Sad & Blue
27 Avantes*– Beginning’s End

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